My name is Reid Kane and I am happy to announce my candidacy for United States Senate from Vermont as the nominee of the Liberty Union Party of Vermont.

This autumn, I will be running against the incumbent, Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders, for all his merits, remains unwavering in his attachment to the Democratic Party. He is “independent” in name only. His “socialism” is only a plan to preserve the power of the Democratic Party.

I am running for Senate to offer an alternative. True independence of the ruling parties requires building a new party to oppose them. For Sanders, socialism means begging the Democrats to do more. I am a socialist because I want to replace the rule of professional politicians with the rule of the people.

Socialism should not mean begging for government assistance. It should mean working people taking responsibility for society, taking control of their lives, and overcoming their dependency and subservience. Working people can only be free when they have economic freedom: when they employ themselves.

In capitalism, the means of employment cannot be owned by individuals, but only collectively. Capitalists already own their wealth collectively, as investors in joint stock companies, and administer it collectively through state power, which is wielded by their political representatives. Working people must organize themselves to take that power into their own hands, so that they can use it to employ themselves. Political freedom can—and must—become a means of realizing economic freedom.

I am running for Senate to build a political force capable of representing and organizing the immense majority, and thereby capable of transforming society, progressing beyond limitations of capitalism: beyond a society of dependency and subservience.

Socialists can—and must—use the electoral arena, not to pursue compromises with our present rulers, but to unconditionally, vigorously, and continuously oppose them, by offering ourselves as a clear and necessary alternative.

We should motivate working people not to beg for help from their superiors, but to organize themselves to address the problems they face and pursue their needs and desires through their own independent efforts.

This is only a first step down a long and difficult road. This campaign will not end, but only really begin, in November. It is not a campaign to win this particular Senate race, but to organize the masses into a party for socialism capable of taking political power into their own hands, in order to realize the promises of democracy and liberty. The political liberty of democracy will thereby become a means of realizing the economic liberty of socialism.

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