Campaign Platform

This campaign stands for the principles of liberty and democratic self-government upon which this nation was founded.

For working people, liberty means self-employment. Yet the wealth of society is overwhelmingly concentrated in the hands of a tiny class of investors—the capitalists—who thereby monopolize the means of employment. Working people are dependent upon and subordinate to this ruling class and the bureaucrats that do their bidding in the public and private sectors. Self-employment is impossible for the immense majority.

Under capitalism, production has long ceased to be individual, becoming social and collective. Practically everything is made or done by thousands, or even millions of people — often separated by seas or continents — working together for the same end. But the working people have no control over what they make and how they make it, and no claim to the profits of their labor. From this springs all the miseries, disharmonies, and contradictions of our society.

This nation was founded on the promise of economic independence to each individual. But under the guise of defending private property, capitalism is using our political institutions to make it impossible for the vast majority to ever become economically independent by owning the means to employ themselves.

Life, liberty, and happiness have been reduced to empty phrases. Capitalism is the enemy and destroyer of essential private property, grounding society in an economic slavery that renders intellectual and political tyranny inevitable. It has divided the people into a ruling capitalist class and a subordinate working class. Yet these two classes are not fully conscious of their distinction from each other. The lines of division and interest are not yet clearly drawn.

The Democratic and Republican parties alike struggle for power to perpetuate the dependency and degradation of working people and maintain the rule of the capitalist class. In their hands, the state is an instrument by which the capitalists maintain their power over working people.

The socialist program is not a theory imposed upon society for its acceptance or rejection. It is but the interpretation of what is, sooner or later, necessary. Capitalism already constantly undermines itself. It is a world in continuous crisis. The capitalist class is no longer competent to organize or administer society. The capitalist state attempts to compensate for this incompetence through regulation of industry, redistributive welfare programs, and other policy measures, but these reforms never resolve the underlying problem. The majority remain unfree, unable to determine their own lives, unable to take responsibility for themselves and their society.

Into the midst of this crisis of civilization, the socialist party comes as the only conservative force. If society is to be saved from the universal disorder that presently prevails, the working people of all nations must unite and take responsibility for it. The socialist party offers the only program for intelligently and deliberately organizing the labor process for the common good of all human beings. It proposes that humanity, for the first time, dedicate itself to the conscious and rational organization of social life, so that every individual can freely and fully realize their potential.

Socialism means that all those things upon which the people in common depend shall by the people in common be owned and administered. It means that working people will control the means of their own employment; that all production will serve the interests of the producers; that we will all be workers together, and that the opportunity to live freely and pursue happiness will be equally open to all. It means that every individual will securely possess the private property in the means of life upon which the liberty of being, thought, and action depend. It comes to rescue the people from the successful assault of capitalism upon the liberty of the individual.

Working people must organize themselves to take complete control of the powers of government, to thereby establish the co-operative commonwealth. The socialist party stands to oppose the power of the capitalist class in society as well as the electoral arena, and to offer working people the opportunity to represent themselves. To that end, this campaign raises the following demands:

  1. A 30-hour work week at no loss of pay. End of all exemptions from overtime pay. 6 weeks annual paid time off. Paid parental leave. The right of retirement with guaranteed income at 55.

  2. A minimum wage of $25 per hour, indexed to cost of living. Abolition of unpaid internships. Subsidies for small employers to offset increased labor costs.

  3. The right to employment for all seeking work. A system of public works and improvements for the employment of the unemployed.

  4. The right of all workers, including military personnel and prisoners, to unionize and to strike.

  5. Abolition of sales tax, payroll tax, property tax, sin taxes, and all other indirect and regressive taxes. To defray public expenditures, a steeply graduated tax on income from all sources, including capital gains, dividends, and inheritance.

  6. Public education to be fully and equitably funded through federal taxation. Community autonomy in the administration of school districts.

  7. Proportional representation and ranked choice voting for all legislative offices. All legislative representation to be based on population. Popular election of Supreme Court justices for a fixed term. Term limits for all elected offices. Election days to be national holidays. Free and open ballot access for all candidates and parties.

  8. Universal and affordable public provision of comprehensive health care; rental housing; transportation; child care; domestic services, including meal preparation, house cleaning, and laundry; elder care; support services for the disabled; legal services; trade education and higher education.

  9. Public appropropriation of all monopolistic corporations—especially those which dominate finance, energy, transportation, communications, media, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, mining, and defense—by eminent domain in exchange for government bonds. Socially owned enterprises to be organized and administered democratically, as public goods. Forgiveness of all outstanding consumer and student debt. Cheap public credit for cooperative enterprises and the self-employed.

  10. Unconditional amnesty for all undocumented immigrants. Full citizenship upon demonstrating residency for six months.

  11. Decriminalization of all drugs, and immediate amnesty for all non-violent drug offenders. Free voluntary treatment programs for addicts.

  12. Prison labor to be compensated at the minimum wage. Abolition of involuntary prison labor. Expansion of community release programs and other alternatives to prison. Abolition of private prisons.

  13. The full diplomatic and military influence of the United States to be used to advance the cause of working and oppressed people in all countries. All seeking refuge for political or economic reasons to be welcomed.

Platform of the Liberty Union Party